What do you think about ending the PA and giving Gaza and West Bank back to the Israeli Government?

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Is it a good start toward ending the colonial era.

Banks in West, MS

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Rabbi for you

Sounds like a great idea.


But then the "Palestinians" would have jobs and the Arab and Muslim world will never accept that. They need the "Palestinians" to be seen as victims.


I think they need to do that. It is obvious they can't take care of themselves or control their own population.

America tried and Israel tried. Here is an example of that attempt and that they so desperately need IDF and Israel help:

"New US-trained Palestinian police bested by handful of terrorists" http://israeltoday.co.il/default.asp...

They keep trying to go to '67 borders or some other border scheme. They need to go to the other plan "B" where Jordan was supposed to be the Palestinian state for the ones that didn't want to remain in Israel.

Plan B maps are here, showing Transjordan/Jordan: http://terrorismawareness.org/what-r...

For the arabs that stayed in Israel and didn't want to secede or fight a 60 year war, they have taken rather comfortable happy healthy lives and have prospered, both in Israel and predominately "palestine" Jordan.


Hi mark,

There is no such thing as a "colonial era."


Ms. Miche ; })