What are they planning to do to with the settlements in the West Bank?

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Are they going to reside there permanently?

If so, will the West Bank remain under Israeli occupation forever? What happens to the two-state solution then?

If not, why do they keep building new ones?

This isn't a rhetorical question. I just don't seem to get it.

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Israel is not "occupying" anything but Israel. There is no place for Muslims who don't recognize Israel, and they need to be absorbed by Muslim countries. Israelis will continue to build as many towns as they like in Judah and Samaria.


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There will never be a "two state" solution. Because it is NOT a solution. As soon as the Arabs(AKA Palestinians) took over Gaza, they started attacking Israel from there. They just want to get closer and closer to be able to attack Israel from all sides. That's also why Syria wants the Golan heights back.
Israel is forever. They will always be here. The West Bank belongs to Israel.....there are NO occupied territories in Israel unless it's the Arab occupation of lands that don't belong to them.

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West bank is considered Israeli and then Palestinians are constantly forced out

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we're all seen that even when israel ends any "occupation", the palestinians respond with more violence.

we left gaza and you can see what their reaction was.

i hope we never leave the west bank.

but that doesn't do anything to a 2 state solution, unless you think that the arabs are free to declare their land jew-free. they're not.
there are arabs in israel, what's wrong with jewish settlements in future palestine?


What happened to Israeli settlements in Gaza is going to happen in the West Bank. You can take it to the Bank of freedom.


Not only will the Palestinians get a state, but if they were smart they'd confederate it with Jordan (but they should think ten thousand times about confederating with Syria confederated with Iran)! Look what happened to Lebanon!

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The settlements will have to go. Occupation forever is not a reasonable option, and I cannot fathom why settlements continue to be expanded when everyone is expecting a two-state solution. It is just going to make it harder to withdraw from those areas.

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I am from the west bank, and you know what : they can not force us to leave your land, we (like the Palestinian olive trees ) have a roots here.


West bank is misnomer with palestinian denotations it just really means west bank of Jordan River. It is Judea and Samaria region Israel.

That land can't ever be considered palestinian land. Keep in mind that half the palestinians there are squatting from the '48 war. They have an opportunity to make a home state in Gaza and should be encouraged to do such.

ETA: Then tell them to build skyscrapers. I used to talk alot about them building skyscrapers my other posts they could if they put their money in that instead of arms. Also, palestinians were spoon fed by Egypt in their infancy, let them expand farther into Sinai it is least they could do now they've grown up to such a large population. Gazans could do whatever they wanted nobody stopping them but themselves.


they will keep building their settlements, even if they have to build on top of a few innocent palestinians.
they are not done stealing the rest of the land yet