Who thinks that Israel should return full sovereignty to the Palestinian people of the West Bank and Gaza?

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and end the illegal occupation of these territories.

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Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami "

“The reality on the ground was that of an Arab community in a state of terror facing a ruthless Israeli army whose path to victory was paved not only by its exploits against the regular Arab armies, but also by the intimidation and at times atrocities and massacres it perpetrated against the civilian Arab community. A panic-stricken Arab community was uprooted under the impact of massacres that would be carved into the Arabs' monument of grief and hatred.”

"Part of that land was bought by the Zionist organizations from Affendis, landowners living in Turkey or anywhere else throughout the Ottoman Empire, and these people were inevitably evicted by these kind of transactions. But as a whole, I think that not more than 6 or 7% of the entire surface of the state of Israel was bought. The rest of it was either taken over or won during the war."

"Now, under international law, refugees are entitled to return to their homes once the battlefield conflict has died down. And Mr. Ben-Ami was absolutely correct. He said the key moment comes in the Israel-Palestine conflict, not when the Palestinians are expelled, but when, after the war, Israel refused to allow the Palestinians back."


Your question actually does not make sense because it is based on a false premise. And that premise is in your wording "return full sovreignity". That wording implies that the Palestinians had sovreignity to begin with, was taken away from them, and now you ask if it should be returned. But that is historically false since they never had their own state.

(One wonders whether if you were around in 1948 - 1967 if you would have asked if Jordan should return full sovreignity of the West Bank to the Palestianians, but I digress.)

So, to answer your question (sort of), I would say that if such an action can be conclusively proven 100% to lead to peace (and what I define as peace, not the Oslo architects) then I would not be against it assuming other key conditions are met as well.


Be corrected. The occupation of these territories are not illegal. They were taken at war and maintained as a buffer to unfriendly neighbors. Like any nation, virtually every country, at some point in history has taken over lands either for expansion, strategical purpose and/or protection of its boundaries. In fact, prior to 1948 when Israel became a State, Palestine was under the occupation of the British and in fact was never sovereign. In fact, Jewish settlements in Gaza have been moved out in preparation for handing over sovereignty in that region.

Furthermore, Israel is committed to the peace process but to date, has not had a cooperative partner (the Palestinians) to accelerate the process. Like any peace process, you need to see your partner be committed to the principles laid down, the agreements made on paper. The Palestinians have loosely, thus far, adhered to their side of the bargain. For example, for the last two years, on a daily basis, Kasam rockets have been launched from Gaza on a Israeli community named Sderot. With all the good intent of building a Palestinian State, which will live side by side with Israel, in cooperation and harmony, it becomes impossible if you are constantly being attacked and terrorized. I am not going to mention the numerous acts of terror within Israel (sucide bombers), or the attempted acts. May I add, that it really is the extremists that are ruining it for the rest because there are many Palestinians that are willing to go down the road with Israelis, hand in hand.

The Jews also have a right to have a State. Realize that Israel is a third of the size of New Jersey. Yet the Israeli government is willing to make adjustments to give up land for peace but not without real peace. The Israelis have been brutal with those who live in the terroritories but it is a matter of self-preservation. Also realize that the Palestians are great at their production of propaganda and Israel, does not respond to it. Realize that many Palestians live within the boundaries of Israel and are considered full-fledged Israelis, learning, working and receiving health care just like any other within Israel. A matter of fact, Palestinians are the most highly educated Arabs in the Arab world. This is due to the Israeli government which provides schooling, health care and jobs to these people.


I do not believe in kicking people of of there land regardless of who they are. I did not agree with it when it happened in the 1940's and I would not agree with returning it now back to the "Palestinians". What I think should happen is the current Israeli gov. should pay the "Palestinians" reperations to right the wrong's of the past and become one nation under one sovereignty governed by both and they should be able to live anywhere in the country that they want to, not just the West Bank or Gaza.

I know it sounds pretty Idealistic but anything else would just be wrong.


It's not an illegal occupation, the Palestinians and their arab allies launch a war against israel and lost. It is conquered territory and as such can be annexed to israel quite nicely and legally. Israel has offered to give it to the Palestinians in return for the promise to live in peace with their neighbors but the palestinians and their arab supporters keep rejecting the offer. If the palestinians want a place of their own maybe some arab country will give them some land to call home, and since they originally cam from jordan let jordan cede some land to them.


I think they should do it...
Actually according to 3 UN resolution Israel should have return full sovereignty to the Palestinian people of the West Bank and Gaza since 1967...but they still refuse to do it and it seems that no one can force them to do so...
If Israel wants so bad peace,as it claims,they should start by applying those resolutions and recognize the right to existence of the Palestinians and their right to an independent state...

Johnny Cee

The Palestinians need to go back where they came from according to the UN resolution of 1948. The Israelis should be allowed to live in peace.
I Cr 13;8a

wild-man of Borneo

Both should try to understand who is the Landlord of God's natural assets and who is the "Stranger in strange land" who just came and passing-by in planet of apes.
Wonder why they go aorund in bashing up one another with pots and pans in planet of apes.
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I think they should because it was palistinian land but was lost to israel to war. Now if you take my house i might not be able to beat you now but years from now me or my family will come back to claim it. And i think that is the case. Hell they should atleast try and see what happens and if it don't accomplish nothing then take it back.


what illegal occupation, the palestinians left their homes 60 years ago of their free will.