Is "ALL WELL" with the banking system? I think not? Your thoughts?

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1. Paulson appears on Face The Nation and says "Our banking system is a safe and a sound one." If the banking system was safe and sound, everyone would know it (or at least think it). There would be no need to say it. 2. Paulson says the list of troubled banks "is a very manageable...

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Dick H

My philosophy is spend it before they steal it. As it is, our currency is only worth half what it was a year ago. That means the banking system has stolen half of your savings. That is why I am investing all my money in energy. I just bought a wood stove since it was only 2k more than my yearly propane bill. Solar panels and an electric car is next. This, my fixed morgage and my garden will protect me from the thieves that run the banking system. I feel sorry for all you suckers that are being screwed by the banks. Take your money out and invest in your future!!!!


I think we have a 50/50 chance of heading into an economic depression, hold your breath, it's going to get UGLY...


Yes, but our government can't admit it as the unrest it would create would be far worse than another 9/11 attack.