Banks in Seattle, WA

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I not aware of any bank with no monthly fees. However, Key bank has a debit card only account and US bank has second chance checking. I do not know if you have any of those bank near you. If you need it to cash your checks, you can usually get a savings account.



Let's see. You don't have the 3 C's to quality for a checking account: Character, Capital, or Capacity.

And you want a financial institution to open a checking account in your name so you can write checks which are written promises to pay?

Now your previous actions and your tattered credit history have clearly shown you can't be trusted, and you want an institution who is in the business of making money to trust you to be financially responsible AND then not charge you a fee to open the account?



Jimithy ™

You pretty much screwed yourself. If you're lucky, they may let you open a savings account, with no ATM card. You're too much of a liability for a bank to have a checking account, especially if you've been reported to chex systems.