What should I wear to go see Dane Cook perform at the TD Bank Garden in Boston, MA?

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It's New Years Eve so pretty cold. I'm probably gonna go out after so I'll wear a jacket but what would look good/be warm enough to wear to the Garden for the show??

Banks in Boston, MA

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Anything would look good. Try a dress with leggings to keep your legs warm, some Uggs or other boots, and a nice coat with a scarf.

Twin Mom 10/23/10

I am five minutes from the Garden right now and might I suggest a good pair of boots cause it is slippery around here right now with all the snow (coming down pretty hard). The standard Boston outfit right now is skinny jeans tucked into uggs with a long sweater and puff vest over it. You can also switch out the jeans for leggings. Keep in kind while it is ultra cold outside it is usually hella hot inside there so wear layers you can strip off.

Have fun!


Wear what ever the hell you want! No one cares what you look like or if your going to a supid Dane Cook show. You can stick you tickets and you clothers up your!!!!!!!!!