What Do Scientologists Do In the Bank Building In Clearwater FL?

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What do Scientologists do all day in the Clearwater FL. bank building for 8 hours?

Banks in Clearwater, FL

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Theta Works

It's no longer the bank building [and hasn't been for many years now - 30 or so]. It's for courses now. We train people from all over the planet in the doctrine, which you can find in the libraries all over the world. It's pretty great having this knowledge and the fact that the Founder wanted it shared with the world :)

Voltaire's Child

Well, they can't laugh at their idiot followers because the people in that building who are taking courses *are* the followers. So as previously mentioned, they take courses and so forth.

I have many many reservations and critiques of the Church of Scientology, but, on the other hand, if someone wants to take courses in something he or she finds interesting, I'm not going to fault that, nor am I going to mock the person for that.

And I can also point out that if they're doing those services as part of the Church's Flag Land base, they're being overcharged. All Scientologists are overcharged because the pricing in the cult is insane, but Flag charges far more for the same services that one can get at local CofS organizations and missions.

The members are ripped off and lied to. So any enjoyment or succor they derive from taking the courses or receiving counselling is counteracted by the pressures the cult puts upon them.

The Book of David

Since Clearwater is the only place the CoS authorized for higher-level OT training, I'm pretty sure they have little room for other activities. Still, since this training is their greatest moneymaking venture, costing their clients even more than lower OT levels, it seems somehow appropriate for them to conduct it in a bank.


Scheme in smoky rooms.

Thunder From The South

Count their money and laugh at their idiot followers.


propagate heresy and make money

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