Should I visit parents in Louisville, KY or go on vacation to The Outer Banks, NC?

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I don't have enough vacation time or money to do both. I will be visiting my parents for the Christmas Holidays. I have never been to The Outer Banks.


Banks in Louisville, KY

Answer (2):

Renee King

Just do what you want, if you folks know you love them and they are okay with seeing you at Christmas hit the Outer Banks. Now if you are at the Banks and will feel guilty about not visiting the folks, then see the folks and Dream of the Banks.

OR, see if you parents would like to join you on a trip to the Outer Banks. Win Win situation there for you.


The Outer Banks are incredible. If you are seeing them for the Holidays, then take a vacation and head down to the Outer Banks. Its peaceful, fun, less crowded and just as nice as other beaches.