Should I visit my parents in Louisville, KY or go with my friend on vacation to The Outer Banks, NC?

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I don't have enough vacation time or cash to do both. I planned on flying to Louisville. My friend wants to drive to North Carolina. I have never been to the Outer Banks before. Thanks!

Banks in Louisville, KY

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momma 2 Sydney 9-8-09

i went to Louisville last yr and had soo much fun..i loved seeing all the awesome places and there is a lot of fun things to do!!
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You're only young once. Find some time later in the year to go see your parents around the holidays and go see the Outer Banks now. Despite what the other answer said, it is a fragile environment and may not always be there. A storm like Katrina could destroy it forever.


Well I agree with your first answer you already got! Ask yourself these questions....When was the last time I seen my mom and dad? Would it hurt my moms feelings to know that I went somewhere else and didnt come and see her? I have an older brother who lives on the Gulf Coast....we see him about once a year if we are lucky and then it is only for maybe 36 hrs total...not to mention he drives 12 to 13 hrs to get to us. We know there are times that he could come home more but chooses not too! And yes it hurts my Mom and the rest of the family!! You just never know when something could happen to either one of them!! I had an Uncle to be on the job working and by the time a co-worker got to the truck where he was at bc he didnt feel good...he had died of a heart attack...He was in his early 50s. You just never know!!


where are you driving or flying from. i would say go visit the parents no matter what. mine are both dead and life sometimes sucks. treasure what you got now becouse the outer banks will always be there.