"Second Chance" banks in Springfield Mo?

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Had a bad account a few times when I was older and I can't seem to get an account open. I'm married now and a lot older, was wondering if there is any good banks that offer "'second" chance accounts?? Thanks

Banks in Springfield, MO

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Try Metro Credit Union. A credit union will be more personal than a bank. Another option, if that fails, is to use a sequential approach to step your way into account ownership.

1. Have your husband open a checking account on his own specifically for this process.
2. Once open, a couple weeks later, have your husband add you to the account as joint or POD (paid upon death)
3. A while later have him change it to a joint account type and add you as a signer.
4. (Optional step) Later have him removed from the account as a signer or completely.
5. Without closing the first account, try to open your own additional checking account in only your name at that same bank where you have this good standing account. Don't bring up the old record unless asked. If it does come up, let them know you are trying to re-establish your credibility.
6. Those old account scars may linger for a while but this will start to create a parallel positive record. You can also go back to those old banks to see what you may be able to do to clean up your record with them.

Best of luck to you on this. I hope this process works.

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