Public transportation to citizens bank park?

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Hi I live in Mount Holly, NJ and I'm looking to take some form of public transportation to a Phillies game. I don't mind driving to a train station or something like that but I can't figure out the closest one or what routes to take. Could someone please help! Thank you!

Banks in Miles City, MT

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Mt. Holly isn't realy near a train so that's why you can't figure out the closest one.

It's a 40 minute drive. Public Transit from Mt. Holly probably won't run after the game especially if it's a night game. Plus the stadium is right over the Walt Whitman Bridge, so if you're a suburban who is scared to drive in the city you really won't be.

However, if you drive to the Collingswood PATCO station you can take PATCO into Philly and then take the Broad Street Subway to the game. To get to the Collingswood station take 295 south to Exit 34B. Go about 4 miles down Marlton Pike and take the Cuthbert Blvd. South exit towards Collingswood. Go about 1 mile and make a right onto Haddon Ave. Go about 1/2 mile and make a left onto Stiles Ave. Once on PATCO take it to 12-13 and Locust Station there you can get on a southbound Broad St. Subway. Take it to the AT&T station at the end of the line.