Kids bank account? with great interest?

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im 13 and i live in Springfield MO and i want one..... any sugestions

Banks in Springfield, MO

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Anime Girl

Bank of America or Citibank are probably the best banks right now. So I would have your parents open you an account in one of those.


I can't think of any bank that offers great interest on a savings account, however, Wells Fargo has one of the greatest savings incentive program for kids I've ever seen. For every $3 you put into savings, you'll get "stage coach" bucks that can be redeemed for cool prizes. Once you've collected 100, you can trade it them in for a $50 savings bond.

The account is free for kids under 18.


The two best interest-bearing accounts that I know of are HSBC and ING Direct. I use ING, and their interest is 3% on a savings account. Any account can be for a child as long as their parents will help them open it, I think!


Check to see if there is a Suntrust in your area, I set up a checking account for my 12 yr old in one. It's great, she has her own debit card and all. Check your local banks to see if they offer what you are looking for.

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