I live in Orlando, fl and my bank account was charged $15.27 from an unknown company...?

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I really can't afford to close out my account and start a new one right now, so I'm trying to contact the company to see why they charged my account. The company is GLOBAL HOLDINGS USA WINTER PARK FL, does anyone know what this company is? They have no information on the internet and the bank can only...

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Answer (2):

Go with the flow

Did you rent a car recently?
This looks like it might be tied in to Hertz.
Try giving Hertz a call and see if this is from them.

Closing your account will do nothing - the charge will go through and you will be responsible.
Call your bank and ask them about this biller- they have much more information on them than you do. Call the 800 number they will give you and find out why you are getting charged this and cancell it. Then call the bank back and ask them if they can put a stop to future charges.

Again, closing your account will do nothing to prevent future charges.
The charges will process and if there are no funds in the account, you will get penalties.


Contact your bank. It could be potential fraud/identity theft. Sometimes, people will send a small charge to see if it's detected or not, as a test to see how much they'll be able to steal. I know because this happened to me. But go to your bank and talk to them. They'll walk you through what you need to do.