Have you been to the Bank of America Pavillion in BOSTON, MA??

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If so, how did you get there? (car, train, subway, bus, taxi?) And where is it in Boston? I have tickets to the Best Music Poll Concert 2008 at the Pavillion next Saturday night, and I don't know how to get there. I live in Leominster massachusetts.

Banks in Boston, MA

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Kristen K

you could take the T in. i'm not familiar with leominster's proximity to the T, but if you drive to your nearest T location, take it to the red line. take the red line to south station. then hop on the silver line, and take it a couple of stops. once you get to south station, it will only take 5 min on the t. you can actually just walk from south station too (15 min walk). taking the T will save you money/the pain of parking.

that said, if you're creative, you could just find free parking around the pavillion, but being a concert night, that will be difficult.

it's in the seaport district.


I was there to see No Doubt and I seen Lord of the Dance there. I have gotten there both times by car. There is a parking lot right across the street. It is actually in South Boston.


I have just driven down anytime I have gone - Parking is not that bad and it's easy to get in and out. The address is 290 Northern Avenue. I would just google it from your home address to get the directions - Have fun!